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Onnetsu Heat Massage

Far Infrared Onnetsu Heat Therapy was first developed by a Japanese acupuncturist, Dr. Mitsui, which she combined on the newest scientific technology of Far Infrared (FIR) and the ancient traditional Japanese concept that our unhealthy cells are cold due to the lack of energy (heat). Medically, people with low body temperature suffer from different symptoms.

Dr. Mitsui combined this traditional Japanese healing modality with newly conceived FIR ceramic heat elements and invented a device called “Ensekigaisen Onnetsuki”. It is the only hand–held device.

During Far Infrared Onnetsu Heat Therapy, an Onnetsu practitioner searches for those cold parts deep inside of our body by moving Onnetsuki over the body. The Onnetsu practitioner applies the Far Infrared vibration with proper heat until it reaches the bone, and warms up. The patient experiences some areas as “HOT” because the skin there is cold and the sensation manifests as “HOT”. It is important that the FIR energy penetrating into the body until it reaches the bone and this step is the key of a successful Far Infrared Onnetsu Heat Therapy. A trained Onnetsu therapist can get amazing results on all health problems, but everyone can benefit.

In the case of cancer, cells are extremely cold and the patient may even feel pain. By applying Onnetsuki onto these areas repeatedly, the FIR energy goes deep inside then giving FIR energy to those normal cells around, making them stronger and healthier to kill the cancer cells. When the heat reaches and warms up the cells, those areas no longer feel hot and healing starts.

The Benefits

  • Revives the function of Autonomic Nervous System by balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves
  • Promotes circulations of blood, hormone, other body fluids, and Qi(life energy) flow.
  • Enhances the quality of white cells and raises one’s immune system.
  • As a result, it improves the self healing power and produces metabolism, strengthens one’s vitality for healthier Body & Mind.

Since this therapy is based on improving one’s own healing power, it is completely natural and harmless.

There is no side effect. You will find all unhealthy conditions will improve. If practiced correctly, such unhealthy conditions will improve dramatically: pains (shoulder, back, stomach, head, knee, joints, muscle, etc…) fatigue, constipation, rheumatism, skin problems, sports Injuries, diabetes, hepatitis, kidney problem, cancer, and other difficult problems.

Comments from Doctors

Some Comments from Doctors, MDs, Acupuncturists and Professional Health Practitioners on Dr. Kazuko’s Far
Infrared Onnetsu Therapy

After receiving only one single Onnetsu Far Infrared treatment, I felt so profoundly different that I immediately signed up for the training with Dr. Kazuko. Following the training, I immediately started using it in my practice with almost every single patient. After being in practice for 18 years, and having a very large toolbox of tools, it is already at the top of my list of fast, powerful, effective ways to relieve pain, balance people’s nervous systems, move energy, and provide a healing environment for the patient’s body. It truly is an amazing treatment modality, and I believe that every practitioner should be using it on themselves, and on their patients.

Dr.Andrew Colyer DC, CSCS, DAAPM, FIAMA

After taking your course on Onnetsu Therapy, I have been utilizing this technology on my patients. To my
amazement, the results have been extraordinary. My first patient sustained a shoulder injury over 10 years ago and has experienced pain since that time. After 3 treatments with the Onnetsu, there was total resolution of pain. There has been continuous positive feedback from all my patients that I have treated with Onnetsu, and I am very grateful for having the opportunity of having studied with you, the foremost authority on this amazing healing modality.

Dr. Carol S. Kessler PhD, LAc, MS, LMT

I met Dr. Kazuko at a Japanese Healing Retreat in Phoenicia, New York over the Memorial Day Weekend. At
that time, I was introduced to Onnetsu Therapy and shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to personally study Onnetsu Therapy with Dr. Kazuko in New York City. Onnetsu Therapy is an extraordinary contribution to the world of natural healing and Dr. Kazuko is the foremost authority in this field. I would recommend studying and incorporating this modality to all healthcare practitioners who are desirous of enhancing their lives and the lives of their patients.

Dr. Barry M. Mark DDS, LAc, CAc, Hom

I have been an acupuncturist in NYC for over 15 years. Since I learned Onnetsu Therapy from Dr. Kazuko, I
always in corporate it in to my practice. Patients love it, and the effect is excellent and recovery is very speedy.
My practice grew many fold. I recommend that any practitioner learn this new therapy.

Dr. Maria Gorens LAc

In 2009 I traveled to Los Angeles to take the basic and advanced Onnetsu training with Dr.Kazuko after studying the immunological theories of Dr. Toru Abo. I have since used Onnetsu therapy in my clinic with many of my patients for a wide variety of conditions. It combines very well with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as well as Western Functional medicine due to its powerful detoxifying effects. Patients love the deep, penetrating warmth and trust the healing power it generates. Dr. Kazuko is a very warm-hearted, passionate and experienced physician with much to offer to doctors and health professionals of all types.

Dr. Nicholas Corrin, Ayur.D. LAc., EAMP, MS, MA