Wrist, shoulder and neck pain are improved pretty much with 3 treatments

He has a suffer from SI joint pain for 2 years. He has been improved significantly with three treatments.

My name is Diana Bradaric, I live in Port Moody. After a car accident, I had soft tissue damage in my neck and shoulder area. I had constant pain, headaches, and stiffness. I’ve tried therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy, and massage. These all gave me short term relief. Then I met Andrew and he treated me with cupping and Onnetsu Far Infra-Red therapy. It really helps me, the pain has gone down very significantly since. I’m so thankful for Dr. Kim, and I recommend him to anybody who has similar problems.
– Diana Bradaric, Port Moody, BC

I have a chronic bulged disc problem. Pretty often I have severe pain in the back, and there’s nothing I can do but lying down and waiting when it happens. A few months ago it came back again. I collapsed and couldn’t move at all. To make matters worse, I had a cold, and coughing made the pain unbearable.

Mr. Kim treated me with acupuncture, Onnetsu Heat Massage, and bleeding cupping therapy. I doubted at first, but after a few treatments, I could feel the pain relieved much sooner than I expected. After 4-5 days, I could get up and move around. It used to take more than 3 weeks to get the same level of recovery. It was surprising!

Now I’m pain-free. If pain comes back, definitely I’ll go and see Mr. Kim to get the same therapy. I highly recommend his sincere and faithful way of treatment
– Sean Chung from Coquitlam

Very good therapist who takes time to know the patient and helps according to the diagnostic. Their suggestions improve my health and the quality of service is worth…
– LUYA T. 11/2013

Very good benefits with the Far Infrared Treatment combined with Acupuncture.
– JANINE W. 02/2014

Great experience!
– KARLA A. 04/2014

Worth going to. Very professional and very thorough
– Anonymous. September 09, 2014

Great clinic! I really felt like my imbalances were being addressed.
– Anonymous. August 25, 2014

Was the best therapy
– Anonymous. August 14, 2014

Andrew Kim was great. Very professional, and knowledgeable. I’ve never had acupuncture before and I will definitely be back! Highly recommended!
– Anonymous. July 25, 2014

Very clean and professional. He did a thorough health history as well as discussed my health goals and what benefits I could expect to achieve through treatment. He started with the Onnetsu Massage massage, which was new to me. I would highly recommend the Onnetsu Massage, the science behind it is interesting (google it) and it seems that he is one of the few practitioners (if not the only) of it in the lower mainland. After the massage I received acupuncture with cupping, his technique was excellent in both. I would recommend going on a day when you don’t have much else to do later. I left relaxed but tired, and experienced symptoms consistent with detoxing, as he said I might.
– Anonymous. June 17, 2014

1 treatment and I feel better then when I walked in. Always a good sign! I will be back!!
– Anonymous. May 28, 2014

Fantastic for neck and shoulder pain!
– Anonymous. May 14, 2014

Most amazing experience. Prior to visiting I was suffering from major low energy. Felt sleepy for a few hours after treatment, in the eve had energy, upon waking I woke up feeling better than I have in months! I beyond recommend Gloria accupuncture
– Anonymous. May 06, 2014

Dr . Andrew Kim is very knowledgeable about the workings of the human body. He has a good bedside manner, makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I wanted to check out the clinic as I was traveling to White Rock in the pass for treatments. This clinic is so close to my home. I practice preventative medication so Dr Kim is a perfect choice for my practitioner.
– Anonymous. April 25, 2014

He was great took his time to really help and asses the problems I was facing. Which was a knee injury and also an imbalance within. After the session, I felt great!! There are many accupuncturists in my area, but I’ll definitely go back to him!!
– Anonymous. April 23, 2014

Very good benefits with the Far Infrared Treatment combined with Acupuncture.
– Anonymous. February 10, 2014

Friendly, and knowledgeable.
– Anonymous. January 29, 2014

Amazing service, very knowledgable doctor. Genuine care for healing.
– Anonymous. December 19, 2013

Very good therapist who takes time to know the patient and helps according to the diagnostic. Their suggestions improve my health and the quality of service is worth the price.
– Anonymous. November 28, 2013

Very professional, thorough treatment. Will return for follow-up visits.
– Anonymous. November 28, 2013

He spent enough time to assess my health problem and applied appropriate treatment. It was my first time to experience Onnetsu massage but I quite like it. He had a very gentle manner too.
– Anonymous. October 16, 2013


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