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Chronic Pain and Fatigue Illness
I have been ailing with a chronic pain and fatigue illness (fibromyalgia) for the past ten years. Recently, I began
FIR treatment with Dr. Hillyer and have been amazed that this treatment is effectively managing the pain so that
I no longer need to take medication for pain. I sincerely endorse this treatment as a way to manage pain without
needing drug therapy and ultimately as a treatment to bringing the body back to complete health.
– M. M. W. New York, NY

Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Arthritis of the Spine
I have gone into full remission. Ten years of being told “No, J., you will not heal, your disease is too complicated.”
I still do not dare to dream. Now it’s a definite. I need to tell all other people with CREST,
Scleroderma, RA, Cancer, any other chronic illness or autoimmune disease about Shinkiko therapy
with far infrared energy of ONNETSU. It assists you to use your own healing powers. – J. L. Bayview, ID

In a horrific motorcycle accident
I was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident and caught a chain in the face causing my
jaw to almost be torn from my face. I had 37 breaks to the lower jaw, and lost feeling in my
mouth, lips and face as a result of the injury and the surgery to fix the damage. I was on so
much medication I didn’t know what I was doing. Upon starting Onnetsuki Therapy, I stopped
taking drugs almost immediately, as it helped reduce the pain instantly, and the healing
process was sped up so that it enables me to CHEW soft foods only after a few months. Alto
I’m not healed 100% I’m on the right track and my doctor calls my recuperation a miracle,
and never expected me to heal as quickly or with such great results. – Brian C. Dryden, NY

frozen shoulder
My frozen shoulder was a problem after a fall, the doctor wanted to repair it with surgery. It
helped relieve the pain, and now surgery isn’t required – Joe S. Rochester, NY

plantar fasciitis
Had very bad plantar fasciitis, and couldn’t walk without pain. I had two treatments with
Onnetsuki and the pain is completely gone, and has never come back – Barb H.

Knee Pain
This has helped my knee replacement regain flexibility, and reduce the pain from the
surgery.I was able to get back to normal more quickl – Mike F. Gates,NY

Back Pain
I had such a bad back that I couldn’t stand the pain, and couldn’t sit or stand for any length
of time. Since I came in and had a few treatments. I feel better. I see my chiropractor less,
and my adjustments seem to last longer. I was so amazed. It’s given me a chance to do
the things I used to do before I got injured – Carol F. Rochester,NY

Neck and Shoulder Pain
I get the Onnetsuki treatment once a month because I carry all my stress in my neck and
shoulders. I feel like I turn to “stone”. After the treatment, I felt light and there was no
“stony” feeling in my muscles. I could work again without pain– Arlene S. Spencerport,NY

Loss of Hearing
It was the return of the hearing in my right ear, since I have been unable to hear out of it for 65 years. All this
dramatically changed when I attended a two-day workshop in New York City, given by Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura. I
got my first personalized comprehensive treatment from her, and I WAS ABLE TO HEAR, though faintly, and with
an echo, but the impossible was accomplished. I had my second treatment, and my hearing is still improving,
and I believe it will continue. – B.D. Oakhurst, NJ

Breast Cancer
I am a breast cancer patient diagnosed Stage IV with metastasis to liver and lung. After 4 days of therapy, my appetite began to return and my kidneys went back to normal. Six weeks later, I have no water weight, normal
appetite and kidney function, minimal symptoms from chemotherapy. My liver tests show much improved
function and are almost normal. I have no cough and can take a full breath. Dr. Hillyer’s therapy has saved my
life. I highly recommend this therapy to every cancer patient. – N. H. New York, NY

Terminal Renal Cell Cancer
In April 2000 I was diagnosed with 4th stage renal cell cancer. Since December 2002, I have been receiving the Far Infrared treatments and stopped taking the injections. The last PET scan that I had in February, my
oncologist said the results showed that the disease was stable. I thank Dr. Hillyer and the Far Infrared treatments for helping to maintain my well-being and now I don’t have to take in the injections any longer. – P. D. V. Plain Field, NJ

After my first six sessions, my eye pressure, which used to be 21, had come down to between 14 and 16. Six
months later after I was diagnosed as having glaucoma, I had few green ones, which mean “normal”. Six months ago, there were several numbers of red (3-4), which were “dangerous” and so were yellow ones, which were “quite dangerous”. My firm believe that it would be cured, taking Manda Koso, and all. Perhaps it is a combination of everything – meeting with Kazuko, receiving Shinkiko and Onnetsu – A. I. Great Neck, NY


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