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The name of the founder is Sae-Yion Kim.
His book and method of treatment have been submitted by the European
Academy for Sciences and Arts to the Nobel Prize Committee for nomination.
This Academy has 1,540 members and among its members are 27 Nobel laureates
and many others.
The Academy has introduced the new method and the book of the new medicine
that he has been developing and practicing.
And thanks to this Academy, the Nobel Prize Committee has accepted this
the new method of medicine
His name is on the list of candidates.


KSNS – Kim’s Safety Nervous System (Kim’s Schutz Nerven System)
SBON – Assessment methods
SDO – Activating Healing Process

KSNS (Kim’s Safety Nervous System) is founded by professor Sae-Yion Kim who has been treating patients in Cologne Germany with his unique method of natural treatment over 40 years. 

He says the balance of the toe joints is the foundation of the body. When a small problem develops in your toes, the subtle changes in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction in your posture and walking mechanics. These changes can put stress on your other joints and lead to more severe problems, including internal diseases. Consequently, if the unhealthy toes are treated, other problematic joints or diseases get better as well. You can obtain optimum health if you have ten equally strong toes.

In KSNS treatment, the practitioner finds the root cause of the problem first, by performing various types of manual tests, SBON. The meaning of SBON is “to see as is”. This is an analytic method to rule out the underlying cause of the patient’s problem. 

In accordance with the results of SBON, the treatment method, SDO is performed. Literally, the meaning of SDO is “to help heal by oneself”.

The main purpose of SDO is focused on revitalizing and restoring what has been damaged over time by habitual conditions, external impacts or internal causes. If the body regains its lost or damaged functions of the nervous, muscular, or circulatory system by SDO stimulation, then it automatically starts the healing process done by on its own.

Here, an important concept “Unconscious Nervous System” is introduced. This concept has not yet been found in neither Western nor Eastern medicine. It is a nervous system that the brain does not aware of and does not have control over it. It differs from autonomic nervous system. It is a nervous system that makes the body react in certain circumstances within 0.3 seconds. For example, you walk on the road in wintertime and you just find out that the road condition is very icy slippery. But before you realize that the road condition is icy, your feet automatically react to the road condition. As soon as your feet contact the icy ground, your body slows down the steps and minimizes the movement, basically to protect your body. This is called ‘Unconscious Nervous System’ that safely protects your body, not being controlled by your brain.


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